Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kogi Success!

I feel quite privileged to be among the 1300 or so people The Chefs and Crew of the Kogi Truck are following on Twitter. Tonight's truck run was purposely kept on the DL as an experiment.

The location was the same as last Saturday, a block of warehouses in Santa Fe Springs, right along the Amtrak rails. I got a direct message from Kogibbq to keep it quiet, but help make it a success. So I direct messaged a few people. Even the Kobibbq Website,, listed tonight's stop as "6PM-9PM@Buena Park - tbd." Actually, Santa Fe Springs is not far from Buena Park. Last week, the Buena Park Police broke up the party before it started, insisting Permits needed to be pulled for this kind of commerce. Too bad they were hard-nosed about it. I am sure they would have gotten some free food from Chef Roy.

My youngest daughter, Victoria, decided to come with me. We showed up at about 8:30 and the crowd had already died down. I spoke to the guys at the truck about the success of today's strategy, and they said it was still busy, but people were happier; happier because the lines were shorter, and there was no worry about cutting the line off at some point.

I guess the Kogi Truck has made a ton of money already. Could it be the Kogi team is planning to phase out the trucks? Just a thought. I'm glad I got to sample everything.

Last week, when the trucks were booted out of Buena Park, 200 or more people rushed to the back-up spot in Santa Fe Springs. It was overwhelming at first, as only one of the two Kogi trucks was there, Roja. In order to make sure everyone got some food, they had to limit customers to 3 tacos each. That was a let down, because I bought enough cash to sample everything on the menu. Oh well, the tacos were good. Tonight, I tried the Kimchi Quesadillas and the Burritos (Short Ribs and Spicy Pork). Delicious!

If you haven't tried the Kogi Trucks fusion of Mexican and Korean cuisine, you should soon.

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  1. ive been following them, but haven't gotten to get any of their food yet :'(.

  2. i was lucky.. went to Music Center last Wed and they were around the block!! Line was only 1/2 hr and it was delish