Saturday, April 9, 2011

Did We See Teemu's Last Regular Season Home Game?

Congrats to the Anaheim Ducks for clinching a playoff berth last night at Honda Center, and doing it against the LA Kings (sweeter). Teemu Selanne was the game's number one star, and for good reason; he scored 2 goals, including the game winner. His post game interview was delayed while the fans in attendance chanted, "One More Year..."

As a 40 year old man playing at this level in professional sports, Selanne continues to amaze. He has 31 goals (19th overall) and 80 points (8th overall)this season. With his 16 power play goals, he is ranked #3 overall.

Selanne will be 41 in July. Will he continue? Only Selanne knows, but he has some examples from NHL history to look to. Among them, Gordie Howe. Howe set the standard for producing well into retirement years. He played until he was 51, and in his 40th year scored 44 goals and had 59 assists. Mark Messier played until he was 43 and in his 40th year notched 24 goals and 43 assists. Steve Yzerman retired at 40, but not before scoring 14 goals and dishing 20 helpers.

To watch Selanne play is to watch a man who does not seem too old to play. He's a force to be reckoned with. Each night he pulls off moves, shots, passes that cause onlookers to shake their heads in disbelief. It is impossible for me to believe that this faucet of NHL greatness will simply turn off over the summer. My guess, Selanne is coming back. What do you think?

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  1. i sure hope he is coming back. he said that Perry not getting MVP will be a crime...
    no, Teemu... retiring after a season like that will be a crime.

  2. I don't think Teemu's decision is his alone to make. I would think his family is going to have their say too. I can't imagine that he would not consider wife & kids wishes in the decision to come back or not. If they support it, I am betting he will. Wish a reporter would just point blank ask him what his kids want him to do. The answer is right there.