Monday, October 18, 2010

My Panel Appearance at the Recent #140 Conference in Hollywood

If you missed attending or watching the stream when I sat on a panel to discuss "Real-Time News Gathering" at Jeff Pulver's #140Conf, here's the video replay (below). Also, here's a link to archive video of all of the panels: (Click here)

Panel Participants:

  • Jon Lansner (@jonlan) - Columnist/blogger for O.C. Register.
  • Martin Beck (@latimesbeck) - Editor of Reader Engagement, Los Angeles Times
  • Phil Hulett (@philhulett) - Co-Host of LA's Morning News on KFWB, Anaheim Ducks PA Announcer, Voiceover Artist, Co-Founder of KNAC.COM, Internet Marketer
  • Robert Hernandez (@webjournalist) - @USCAnnenberg MacGyvering Web journalism solutions. Worked at,,, La Prensa Gráfica, others. Co-founder of #wjchat.

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