Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ducks Opener - Phew!

Oh man, what a game! For the first 2 periods the Ducks were outplayed in every sense of the word except for the 2-2 score. The Canucks were winning battles, getting a stick on every Ducks pass, and generally making the Ducks look a little, well, overwhelmed.

But, something happened in the 3rd. Vancouver went up 3-2 and all of a sudden the Ducks top line showed up - boy did they! A bing-bang-boom goal at 8:54 by Corey Perry from Ryan Getzlaf and Brendan Mikkelson was a sight to behold. About 90-seconds later, Getzlaf connected with Bobby Ryan for another goal for the highlight reel. That pipe-splitter proved to be the game winner and improved the Ducks home opener record to 9 of 18.

As stark a contrast the first two periods were with the 3rd, it's important to notice that the Ducks have a ton of talent which was on display for all to see in the final frame. Let's hope the Ducks notice.

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