Monday, August 10, 2009

Politics in the Check Out Line

I went to the local grocery store to pick up a bag of sugar, and to fill another prescription of Tamiflu to add to my stockpile. Arriving at the check out counter, I made a quick glance at the tabloid rack and I couldn't help but notice the one pictured to the right.

Wow, The Globe. Is it fair to say some of The Globe's readers believe Obama was spawned by space aliens? Journalistic integrity aside, if questions about the President's nationality have reached this far, he's clearly lost control of the spin.

I'll give the President the benefit of the doubt and assume the certificate The Globe speaks of is just part of a creative writing assignment. But, it seems to me President Obama could make all of this go away simply by producing his documentation. The longer he postpones the reveal, the louder the questions become.

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    He provided a valid and authenticated birth certificate while he was still running for office.


    One more link to put this one to bed.