Thursday, August 6, 2009

Megan Can Learn From Angelina

I was thinking about how Megan Fox continues to be one of Hollywood's top starlet-hotties, and how she often makes controversial comments during interviews, and how...(OK, fine. "Megan Fox" is the #1 search term to date that brings people to my blog, so I figured I better write something else about her).

What does the future hold for Megs? One need only look to the reigning queen of Hollywood, Angelina Jolie for a possible answer.
Earlier in her career, The "Girl Interrupted" Angie was a terror; Weird public behavior, the marriage to Billy Bob Thornton with the creepy vials of blood thing, (we've kind of gotten used to the tattoos now), the public feud with her father, John Voight, etc. A lot of Hollywood watchers thought she was headed for a crash. Today, AJ's a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador!

Are you listening, Megan? Sure you can keep making one movie every couple years and keep the star shining bright. You've got your own collection of border-line tattoos. But, it's time to start transforming the image. Get to work on this now, and in about 10 years, who knows? You could be U.S. Special Envoy for International Robot Relations, or something.

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