Friday, May 15, 2009

Vacation on Location (Originally Airing May 14 on KFWB)

A feature interview we just started doing on KFWB is turning out to be particularly interesting. Each Thursday at 7:47 we talk to Harry Medved of He's authored a book called Hollywood Escapes, and each week we talk about locations you might not think of, that are full of Hollywood history, and worth, at the very least, a picnic, if not an entire weekend.

This week we talked about a couple Southern California day trips, that include UCLA and Cal State Northridge, where scenes for some high profile movies were shot; scenes for, among others, "Angels and Demons" and "Star Trek."

Listen to the entire interview that my co-anchor, Penny Griego and I did with Harry Medved this week. Click here to listen, or "right-click" to download. (TIP: Subscribe to my blog to, in the future, allow your rss-reader, or podcatcher to download the enclosed file automatically.)
Click on the book cover to purchase Harry's book!

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