Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Hockey Gods Have Spoken

You know, things have a way of evening out over time.

Nobody likes a bad call, especially when it goes against your team. Clearly, the Detroit Red Wings and their fans have a legitimate gripe with a call in the final moments of last night's game 3 of the NHL Western Conference Semi-final in Anaheim. Referee Brad Watson lost sight of the puck during a Red Wing rush to the Ducks doorstep, and he blew his whistle, just as the puck squirted free and Detroit's Johan Franzen poked it into the net.

Did Watson blow the call? Perhaps. But he made a call and stuck with it under a great deal of post-season pressure. Admirable. But all teams experience what they consider "bad calls" and it's not like the Ducks haven't experienced their share of calls that, at the time, seemed untimely if not erroneous.

I think the Hockey Gods even this stuff out. I can sleep well considering last night a cosmic wash when I recall 47-year-old thespian, Chris Chelios and his remarkable ability to draw a penalty and avoid a dive call. Or how about the apparent "cheap shot" to the mouth of James Wisniewski, delivered by the elbow of Tomas Holmstrom, moments after Wisniewski took a slapshot to the chest. The elbow drew blood, but the double-minor never came.

Did I feel great about last night's win? Sure I did. Did the Ducks feel great? A win is a win. Last night moves the team closer to their ultimate goal. I suspect the Red Wings will be sufficiently fired up for game 4, as will the Ducks if they saw the video of Holmstrom's elbow. It should be a barn burner...and the Gods will be watching!

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  1. yes, i will be watching therefore a god will be paying attention when the ducks take a 3 to 1 series lead!

  2. HEY Mr. Hulett...YOU go ahead and screw up like Brad Watson did see how long YOU hold onto YOUR Job. if Annaheim lost to a bad call would you be so philosophical? doubt it.
    In teh Real world sh#t happens because of three factors...ignorance, Apathy, or intent. Brad Watson intentionally ROBBED the Red Wings. AND the NHL Must, by definition sanction Watson's evil because Watson is still drawing a paycheck