Friday, April 24, 2009

The "Surprising Ducks" NOT!

May I humbly request, that sportscasters please stop saying, "The Surprising Ducks...." every time Anaheim wins in the post season? Sportscasters did this during the Ducks successful Cup run against The Sens as well as during the losing contest versus New Jersey (though I am convinced if there was no limit to the number of games played in that series, The Ducks and Devils would still be playing today, locked up after consecutive home ice wins), and they should!

I grant you it was surprising when the Ducks took out the Red Wings in 4 post-season games. I'll also grant you the play of Jonas Hiller between the pipes is surprising; a pleasant surprise, considering the tough season J.S. Giguere has had. Yes, it is surprising that Bobby Ryan can do the things he can do, because mere mortals are incapable of his kind of performance on the ice. But, surprising that The Ducks are winning? (Refer to my previous post about the teams' strong second half of the season). I'm not surprised.

Let's turn our surprise elsewhere. How about, the Surprising Rangers? Or, how about, it's surprising the Capitals are losing to the Rangers, considering how offense-top-heavy The Caps are?

Tell you what, if The Ducks finish off the Sharks, and it's not a stretch to conclude that will happen, and likely Saturday night...and Anaheim goes on to dispatch the Red Wings in the second round, be my guest to assign your surprise to the series, and how recent post-season history is repeating itself, but not to The Ducks.

Fair enough?

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